mercoledì 16 giugno 2010

All HTC Hero Phones Android 2.1 for Across Europe


  • Android 2.1 for All HTC Hero Phones Across Europe
  • HTC has formally announced that it will be offering the Android 2.1 update for its now old Android workhorse, the Hero.
    Users of the HTC Hero in Europe would soon receive a notification on their phones regarding the availability of the update. The Over-the-air update process can be performed over Wi-Fi, 3G or even GPRS. Once you receive the prompt, simply press OK and the rest should be cakewalk.
    Once installed, you might want to check the build number of the update. To do that, from the Home Screen, go to MENU> Settings> About Phone> Build number. The new Build number after the update will be 2.73.405.93; 2.73.405.94 (Nordic) and 2.73.405.95 (Greece/ Ireland).

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