mercoledì 10 marzo 2010

Is Intel working on Dual-core Atom for Netbooks?


Netbooks which are currently looked down upon for being low processing power computers might now get more processing booIs Intel working on Dual-core Atom for Netbooks?st. This is because Intel is being rumored for prepping dual-core Atom family microprocessors for netbooks,

reported French Website PC Impact. No further details about these dual-core Intel Atom N500 processors have been divulged yet.
Intel already has a dual-core Atom chip for nettops - Atom D510. If the rumors are to be believed, the processor succeeding the 1.83Ghz Intel Atom N470 chip might be a dual-core Atom for netbooks. Since there are no details available on the same, we don't know if it would be 45nm fab process built or 32nm fabrication process built chip.
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However the dual-core chips for netbooks will have integrated memory controller and integrated graphics. The thermal envelope and the power effectiveness of the chip are still unknown.
If Intel launches dual-core Atom then, by the year-end, we may see a couple of netbooks sporting it. Thus netbooks with dual-core Atom may earn some performance brownie points and compete with the existing single-core Atom bearing netbook models.

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