martedì 9 marzo 2010

Access Multiple Social Networks with New RCom App

Reliance has launched a 3G ready application called "Socially" for phones using its network. The application, now accessible via Reliance's RWorld portal, allows users to post simultaneous status updates over multiple social networks. The "supported networks" include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Socially also shows up-to-date social information of the caller during an incoming call and collates significant events across social networks and pushes them as alerts on select smartphones supporting the application, enabling users to have better conversations.  
The application also links data from the contact list on your phone to associate them with your social networking buddies and thereby offers a seamless experience whether you wish to call, reply or send a text to the individual you selected. In the future, the use of this linked contacts will also be extended to video calls. Socially is quite secure and also features alerts of friends' activities on the idle phone screen.

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