lunedì 1 febbraio 2010

S60 Betalabs is now out of Beta- Presenting

"Change is the only constant in this world. So, as S60 Betalabs."

We are happy to announce that S60 Betalabs is now out of Beta stage – it is grown up to “” for you.

Greetings form S60 Betalabs to all of its Visitors, Followers, Friends and Supporters. Today we are going to announce some big news. We really thank full & appreciate your Love & Support you all have given to S60 Betalabs.

S60 Betalabs has started its journey two years back at July 2008 as a guide some time as a wizard to Symbian Smartphone’s smart users covering all types of News, Reviews, Tips N Tricks, Tutorials, Themes, Games, Applications and Miscellaneous features, stories related to Nokia & Symbian OS.

We are Happy to announce that we are now out of Beta Stage and transforming to full featured site – Symbian Eventually new sections will be added as some of you have requested- like a dedicated section for Free Symbian Themes, Application & Wallpaper with tons of Premium Stuff.

Be sure to follow us over and get ahead of crowd. Changes will be reflecting over all presence of S60 Betalabs to (Facebook, Twitter )


Experience the future of Mobile at Symbian Tweet. Make a mark! Share your view -Step Ahead.

Symbaintweet team

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